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We are not fixed on our services and perhaps our diversity in real estate service provision is what has made us to be the first choice and priority for many people. For the people who would like to buy a property and they don’t want to go through the long process, the best route to own that property is through us. We negotiate for you, we tell the seller about you and we ensure that whatever financing option you have chosen is taken into account.

For people selling their property, we are there for them to make sure that you have the best buyers at all times. Immediately the buyer contacts us, we notify you and we arrange for an appointment and all the buyer’s pre-visit. We don’t mess up with any process because we know it is business so all our professionalism is deployed to ensure that the process is smooth. We explain the value of the property to the buyer and why you have set that particular selling price. Everything is done transparently to ensure that you have full understanding of the whole process.

At times people could be having properties but they don’t have the relevant documentation. In many countries, getting documents of ownership of certain properties is very challenging and it could take like months to a year before you get them or you might not even get them. We are trusted by the land authorities, they know what we do so getting your documents is not going to be a big deal at all. We ensure that all the things that you need for the legal ownership of your property is well sorted. Let our lawyers do the work, just sit and relax.

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