Campus Initiatives for Sustainable Schools – AASHE Conference for Sustainability in Higher Education

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The topic on the minds of the 2,000 sustainability professionals and educators gathering at the annual campus sustainability conference, hosted by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), is how to accelerate sustainability on campus. As North America's largest campus sustainability conference, the 3-day event in Denver, Colorado October 10-12, 2010 will gather its diverse members to look at practical initiatives, ideas and tools to advance the process of sustainability at colleges and universities.

The title of this year's AASHE conference is: Campus Initiatives to Catalyze a Just and Sustainable World and will focus on real-world activities that increase sustainability. Some themes that characterize the talks and workshops are that of behavioral change, moving from commitment to action, and strategies for communicating sustainability. In addition to the keynote addresses, approximately 500 papers, posters, field reports and workshops will be presented by conference attendees.

The exhibitors in the Expo hall, selected for their relevance to campus sustainability, will showcase their green services and products for university life. With over 100 exhibitors in attendance, conference participants will be able to network with businesses that are providing gerner solutions to educational institutions.

Armed with new perspectives, shared insight and green products, these environmental ambassadors will be better equipped to transform their campuses into greener, more sustainable centers of learning.

As a member of AASHE, AusPen eco-friendly marks is a proud exhibitor at the 2010 AASHE conference on campus sustainability. AusPen eco-friendly markers help campuses reduce toxicity and waste. AusPen marks are non-toxic (no xylene), refillable (no waste), and made of 100% recycled aluminum (no PVC plastic).

Source by Maureen O'Neill