Plagiarism Prevention Gets Serious

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Sometimes it takes a big name to draw attention to a problem. This phenomenon is evident in the entertainment industry. A-list celebrities from George Clooney to Bono have used their considerable clout to refocus the world’s attention on issues that may otherwise go under the radar. From fighting poverty and disease in Africa to highlighting the acts of genocide in Darfur, many of these efforts are intended to help bring aid to a pressing issue. Sometimes, however, missteps and irony can carry the same weight as a familiar face. In 2003, The New York Times, a newspaper founded on principles of absolute journalistic integrity, was caught up in a plagiarism scandal. Then reporter Jayson Blair had submitted articles that lifted large segments from an article published in the San Antonio Express-News written by reporter Macarena Hernandez. Plagiarism had hit the front page, both literally and figuratively. This incident helped refocus national and international attention on creative integrity and intellectual ownership. The spotlight turned on plagiarism and members of the academic community that helped train the reporters, authors and intellectual leaders of tomorrow took note.

Since the dawn of the digital age, content creation and research have been moving targets. Libraries began to take a backseat to online catalogs of vast information resources. Instant access and unlimited breadth of topics became a mouse click away for most of the modern world. Many benefits arose from the computer-centric culture. Word-processing simplified essay creation, E-mail made submitting articles painless and accessing informational resources became painless. These positive developments were stalked by less well-intentioned applications of new technology. Dedicated sites cropped up that provided instant access to papers on a variety of subjects for a small fee. For student looking for an easy way out of putting in their time, the temptations were there. The simplicity of copying files from one computer to another also helped facilitate the sharing and stealing of original work between students. Educators were facing increasing challenges in trying to safe guard the notions of academic integrity once so firmly instilled in a previous generation.

As the Jayson Blair fiasco served to strengthen the education community’s fight against Plagiarism, new technology was being developed to actively fight the problem. New plagiarism checkers went to market that allowed educators to scan a paper and crosscheck the content against vast proprietary databases and a wide breadth of online content. These new tools allowed professors to pinpoint suspected cases of plagiarism and even provided links to probable sources. With the firepower of new plagiarism detection tools and a renewed focus on academic integrity many high schools and universities made a concerted effort to further educate their student body about plagiarism, proper citation methods and academic integrity as a whole.

With the renewed awareness of academic integrity, students began to seek new ways to empower themselves and protect their work from citation issues. As online sources became a larger part of the general research process the potential for oversight began to grow. With the expansion of online resources and less emphasis on actually books, the citation process became increasingly more complicated. Once again, technology began to offer a solution that students were looking for. Companies that built the original plagiarism checkers for professors began to offer repurposed online plagiarism checkers designed for students. These new programs allowed students to scan their work prior to submitting the documents and helped them pinpoint any potential trouble areas that required additional citation efforts. While the new tools were not designed to let students get away with plagiarism, they did offer protection against any citation oversights students made during the writing process.

Some may say the Jayson Blair incident was a travesty for journalistic integrity, but ultimately the attention helped cauterize the efforts of the academic community to help fight the potential for future plagiarism cases and empower their students with proper citation techniques. Technology helped fill in the gaps and equip both educators and students to battle the pitfalls of citation in a digital age. Even the New York Times got in on the act by publishing a dedicated column on new cases of plagiarism. In the long run the outcome was a win-win for both journalism and education as a whole.

Source by Darwin Redshield

How to Get Free Courthouse Real Estate Leads

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Why would you pay someone to get your Free Courthouse Real Estate Leads if you can get them yourself?

If you are only looking for lender defaults in the past month, go to the County Clerk’s Office website. Here you can register to have access to all public property records online. Once you register and sign in, go to “Foreclosures” or “Notices of Default” or “Lis Pendes” and put the dates you are searching in the search box. It will pop up anywhere from 10 to 1000 pre-foreclosures (NOD’s).

From here, you can see the official NOD from the attorney’s filing for the lender. It should list the name of the person that defaulted, the date the original loan was made, the address of the property, the original lender and the lender now, also, the servicing agent. It will list on the NOD the date of auction (which you need to be at least 6 weeks if you don’t have a lot of practice with short sales).

I usually look at the origination date to see if the home might have any equity, and I look at the zip codes to make sure they are in an area I want to buy homes. Then I come up with a snappy letter or a postcard to contact the people that have defaulted and see if they will sell their homes.

Be prepared for a lot of drama and stress. After all, these people are losing their homes and don’t want to deal with reality at this point. They just want a solution to ALL their problems.

Source by Janine Perez

Activities and Adventures on South Padre Island, Texas – Kite Landboarding

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With more wind, more space, and more variety of terrain, South Padre Island is a top destination for all kinds of wind powered dirt surfing, buggy riding, land sailing, and kite landboarding. In this article your will find information on some of the types of land kiting, as well as places to ride around South Padre Island, Texas.

Types Of Land Kiting

For those that prefer to surf the earth, and not the water, there are lots of ways to get your fix around South Padre Island. From easy cruising, to high speed racing, catching air, or endless carving turns in parking lot skate sessions, land boarders and sailors are using all kinds of different gear and techniques to ride the wind and ground around South Padre Island.


Kite Buggies are super fun for all ages and levels of riders, from novice through hardcore adrenaline junkies. Buggies are three wheeled carts that sit low to the ground, roll on big tires capable of handling all kinds of terrain from parking lot asphault to soft beach sand and everything in between. Steered with your feet, and powered by the pull of a kite, buggy riders are capable of cruising in the lightest winds, as well as racing across all kinds of terrain at high speed, pulling g-forces in powerslides, and even boosting air with the pull of the kite.

Off-road Skateboards and Mountainboards

Off-road skateboards are large skate decks that sit a few inches higher off the ground than regular skateboards, roll on big rubber tires and suspension systems to obsorb bumps, and offer control at high speed in rough terrain. Beginners often learn by cruising slowly and without using the bindings that advanced riders use to hold their feet to the board. At high speed, off road skateboards can roll over all kinds of terrain, with the exception of soft sand and mud, and advanced riders can carve, jump, slide, and ride very much like their counterparts on the water.

Skateboards And Carve Boards

If you dont want to get dirty or just prefer shredding smooth pavement, skateboards, longboard skateboards, and carveboards are fun to ride around parking lots and open paved areas. With just the slightest wind and kite power, riders can carve the concrete endlessly.


Ocean Beaches

The entire 30 miles of South Padre Island Coast line are great for land kiting with offroad skateboards and buggys. There are no off-limit areas, although riders are encouraged to avoid crowded areas of the beach by riding on the North end of town only. Ocean beaches offer hard pack sand near the water as well as soft sand further up the beach, and work best in predominantly East wind, although can be riden in all wind directions. Riding during low tides offers the most area of hardpack sand, and occasionally during very high tides there may be no hardpack exposed, so check the tides and water level before you go.

Bayside Flats (The Beaches of the Laguna Madre Bay)

On the bay side (west side) of South Padre Island, are a series of wide open, hardpack, sand flats beaches, which all offer lots of space, predominantly flat terrain, but also a few interesting dunes and trails around their perimeter. With constant wind and lots of space, these are some of the best places for landboarding in the entire country.

  1. Convention Center Beach: Located next to the South Padre Island Convention Center, the Convention Center Beach, also know as the South Flats, is the located at 7355 Padre Blvd. It’s a great place to ride right near town, although can sometimes be crowded with non kiters and beach goers. The wind quality is good, although in light SE winds there can be some turbulence from the nearby buildings.
  2. North Flats: Located a few miles North of the developed part of town, and across the street from Beach Access 5, the North Flats is a huge, open, area of packed and semi soft sand with numerous hardpack trails running through it as well as many low dunes to ride through, over, and around. Far enough away from buildings, the North Flats offerers clean wind in all wind directions. The North Flats is an area managed by the South Padre Island Windsurfing and Kiteboarding Association, and a parking pass is required to access the area. Passes can be picked up at Air Padre Kiteboarding.
  3. Beyond the North Flats:Continuing North from the North Flats are numerous other sandflats locations, all offerring good terrain, open space, and adventure for landboarders. Just look to the left as your driving North along the road, and when you see a good spot, stop and ride!

Parking Lots

  1. Convention Center: The South Padre Island Convention Center has a nice medium sized parking lot perfect for kite skating and buggying. The area is fun and most of the pavement is smooth enough for skateboards, although there is only enough space for 3 or 4 riders at a time. The wind at the Convention Center is generally pretty clean and steady.
  2. Walmart: On highway 100 in the town of Port Isabel, shortly before crossing the bridge onto South Padre Island is a Walmart with a very large parking lot great for night time skate sessions. The spot works in all wind directions, riders just need to be aware of any parked cars or occasional traffic. Behind the building offers some good pavement, as well as a fair amount of grass for off-road skateboards and buggy riding.
  3. Schlitterbahn Waterpark: Located at the South end of South Padre Island, the Schlitterbahn waterpark and Shrimp Haus Restaurant offers a large and frequently empty parking lot. With palm trees surrounding the lot on all sides, the wind can be a little tricky, but the space is great.
  4. Isla Blanca Park: The Isla Blanca County Park is the land at the very Southern tip of South Padre island, a day pass is required to enter, and can be purchased at the entrance. Inside the park are 2 medium sized parking lots that when not full of cars are a nice kite skating area. Don’t wrap kite lines around any light poles or tourists if you choose to ride this spot.

End Of The Road

The end of the road is the northermost end of Padre BLVD. The last 7 miles of the road are undeveloped, with nothing but sand dunes on either side. With little traffic, kiters can ride down the road on skateboards in virtually any wind direction, although predominantly east winds are the best.

Main Land Grass, Floodplains, and Trail Systems

For explorers, there is tons of ridable off-road terrain off the side of highway 48 between South Padre Island and Brownsville. Although there are numerous places to pull over, one good starting destination is located about 1/2 to Brownsville, on the South side of the highway. There is a medium sized parking lot, with lights, and a boat ramp to access a canal that connects to the ship channel and large lagoons.

Lessons And Rentals

Kite boarding of all kinds is incredibly fun, but its one of those things that you don’t want to try to teach yourself. If you are interested in learning how to kite, or already know how and just need some gear for the day, Air Padre Kiteboarding offers the best professional lessons as well as rentals of buggys, boards, kites and other gear as well.

Source by Brett Newcomb

Campus Initiatives for Sustainable Schools – AASHE Conference for Sustainability in Higher Education

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The topic on the minds of the 2,000 sustainability professionals and educators gathering at the annual campus sustainability conference, hosted by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), is how to accelerate sustainability on campus. As North America's largest campus sustainability conference, the 3-day event in Denver, Colorado October 10-12, 2010 will gather its diverse members to look at practical initiatives, ideas and tools to advance the process of sustainability at colleges and universities.

The title of this year's AASHE conference is: Campus Initiatives to Catalyze a Just and Sustainable World and will focus on real-world activities that increase sustainability. Some themes that characterize the talks and workshops are that of behavioral change, moving from commitment to action, and strategies for communicating sustainability. In addition to the keynote addresses, approximately 500 papers, posters, field reports and workshops will be presented by conference attendees.

The exhibitors in the Expo hall, selected for their relevance to campus sustainability, will showcase their green services and products for university life. With over 100 exhibitors in attendance, conference participants will be able to network with businesses that are providing gerner solutions to educational institutions.

Armed with new perspectives, shared insight and green products, these environmental ambassadors will be better equipped to transform their campuses into greener, more sustainable centers of learning.

As a member of AASHE, AusPen eco-friendly marks is a proud exhibitor at the 2010 AASHE conference on campus sustainability. AusPen eco-friendly markers help campuses reduce toxicity and waste. AusPen marks are non-toxic (no xylene), refillable (no waste), and made of 100% recycled aluminum (no PVC plastic).

Source by Maureen O'Neill

Real Estate Valuation

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The Approaches to Establishing Property Value

Sales Comparison Approach

The sales comparison approach is used at property tax hearings for houses, land and owner-occupied buildings. It is sometimes used for income properties as a secondary method of valuation. To perform the sales comparison approach you need information on sales of property similar to your property. You can obtain this information from a variety of sources including the appraisal district, real estate appraisers, brokers and third party vendors. Inspect and photograph the comparable sales making detailed notes regarding differences between the comparable sales and your property. Then make adjustments for differences between the subject property and comparables. Adjust comparable sales to the subject property. For example, if a comparable sale has four bedrooms and your home has three bedrooms, make a downward adjustment to the sales price to the comparable sale to bring it down to the level of your house. Select sales as similar as possible to the subject property to minimize adjustments. Comparable sales data is given strong consideration in property tax hearings for houses, land and owner-occupied commercial buildings.

Income Approach

The income approach is typically used for income properties. The basic theory is that investors purchase income properties for the income stream they produce. This income stream can be converted to an indication of market value for the property. The primary steps in the income approach are to estimate the potential gross income using rent comparables and information regarding actual income at the subject property. An allowance for vacancy is estimated based on the performance of the subject property and average vacancy in the area. Operating expenses are estimated using actual expenses at the subject property and market expenses for similar properties. The net operating income is calculated by deducting vacancy and operating expenses from the potential gross income. Net operating income is converted to an indication of market value by dividing it by the capitalization rate.

Cost Approach

The cost approach is not typically used at property tax protest hearings except for new buildings. Appraisal districts often use the cost approach for properties up to two or three years old. After that, they typically use either the sales comparison approach or income approach depending on the type of property. The appraisal district will apply the cost approach for a new property by adding the market value of the land (typically the purchase price) to the construction costs for the building. In addition, they may add an allowance for soft costs and for entrepreneurial profit. If the sum of land and construction cost exceeds the appraisal district’s assessed value, it is unlikely they will reduce the assessed value in the property tax hearing. However, if the sum of land and construction cost is less than the appraisal district’s initial assessed value, providing this information at the hearing will likely generate a reduction in your assessed value and property taxes.

Uniform and Equal Approach

The Texas Property Tax Code was amended in 2003 to allow property tax for property owners to protest based on “a reasonable number of comparable properties appropriately adjusted.” This new section of the Texas Property Tax Code allows a protest based on a limited number (perhaps 3 to 10) of assessment comparables. Some appraisal districts agree and are considering protests under the section. Others have chosen to interpret this section differently.

To prepare a protest using Uniform and Equal, gather data on assessed values for property similar to your property. Make adjustments for significant differences between the assessment comparables and your property. This can include items such as building size, land size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size of garage, site influences, age, etc. Make negative (downward adjustments) to an assessment comparable for items that are superior in the assessment comparable. For example, if the assessment comparable has four bedrooms and your house has three bedrooms, make a downward adjustment to the assessed value for the assessment comparable for this item. After applying appropriate adjustments to the assessment comparables, calculate the median level of assessment for the assessment comparables. The median is the middle data point after the adjusted assessment comparables are arrayed in order of increasing or decreasing (on a per square foot value basis). Multiply the median per square foot assessed value times the size of your property (improved area) to calculate the value your home should be assessed for based on Uniform and Equal. Section 41.43 of the Texas Property Tax Code provides you the opportunity to protest using this methodology. However, don’t be surprised if your local appraisal district is not receptive to this method of protest. The appraisal division of O’Connor & Associates is a national provider of investment real estate appraisal services including commercial real estate appraisals, commercial comparable sales database, San Antonio commercial comparable sales [], Austin commercial comaprable sales [], condemnation appraisals, due diligence, residential appraisals and investment hypotheses.

All commercial property types benefit from our appraisal services including nursing homes, discount stores, truck terminals, tennis clubs, supermarkets, country clubs, medical offices, mini-warehouses, restaurants, vacant lands, skating rinks, community shopping, centers, power centers, car wash facilities and service stations.

Source by Patrick OConnor

Visitors to Houston Texas

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Houston sees thousands of tourists every year, and they come for business or pleasure. Families come for their vacations, and there are many things to see and do here. There are professional sports teams, of all types, and plenty of activities. Some of these cost to get in but are fairly reasonable, and are well worth any fee. One of the things to see as a family are the many museums that are geared towards children, like the Children’s Museum of Houston, located in the museum district. This is similar to many other museums of it’s type around the country, offering parents and their kids hands one learning exhibits, interactive offerings, and a great place to spend quality time together. It is open year round, and while time vary, prices are very reasonable, and it only costs $7 to get in.

Another must see attraction in Houston has to be the Space Center. And while visitors aren’t permitted to see some of the more intricate workings at the operations center, a regular tram will take them to many of the other parts of the working facility, as well as all of the other exhibits open to the public.

You can see real shuttle bay payloads, check out a Saturn rocket, and even learn about the history of our journey into space, and what are our hopes for future explorations. There is also a totally interactive children’s area, where you can touch moon rocks and see a real full size model of the space shuttle. These are just some of the many attractions Houston has to offer.

Source by David Dutton

Cutting Trees for Firewood Safely and Effectively

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Cutting down trees for firewood is actually harder than most people realize. Each year quite a few people are actually killed trying to fall trees. Most of these people are killed because they do not know how to safely cut down a tree.

The first step in cutting down a tree is to determine where it will fall. Many of those who are hurt and injured by falling trees are hurt and injured because they did not know how to determine where it would fall.

The way to make sure the tree falls where you want it to cut a large wedge a few inches above the ground on the side facing the direct you want the tree to fall in. Making a large enough hole, should ensure that the tree falls over in the direction you want it.

It is possible to cut such a notch with a chainsaw. Once the notch is created, the person will cut a notch on the other side. When both notches are cut, a person should be able to push it over in the direction they want. In some cases the tree may fall over once the tree has been cut straight through.

Cutting Trees the Wrong Way
Many people can not fall in the right direction because they make the mistake of cutting straight through with a chainsaw. Although this technique makes little difference with smaller trees it can be down right dangerous when cutting larger trees.

It should be possible to safely fall most trees by using this technique. Another good tip to follow is to bring a pry bar along when you cut fire wood. In many cases a person will have to use a pry bar to force it down.

Something to watch out for is smaller trees and saplings that larger organizations fall upon. If the smaller trees, sitting under a fallen one are alive, they can spring up and hurt a person when the larger tree is moved. A person can prevent this from happening by cutting off the smaller trees before moving the log.

Source by Jason Lewiston

A Short Armando Montelongo Biography

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Armando Montelongo was born in 1970 and grew up in San Antonio Texas. He co-founded Montelongo House Buyers along with his brother, David, and now presides as president of the company.

Armando’s main company is called Montelongo Worldwide Incorporated and is headquartered in his home town of San Antonio, Texas.

This Texans small family ran business became a huge success in just 5 short years after it became popular on the A&E television show “Flip This House”. He is accompanied by his wife, Veronica, and brother, David, in all of his housing flipping adventures on the show.

The reason behind the mans quick success is nothing but pure motivation. He firmly believes in hard work, a philosophical view on life and positive thinking. He also believes everyone should have very big dreams.

The Montelongo family are as laid back as they appear on the television show. They all love playing practical jokes and rarely pass up the opportunity to do so. This is seen often in their hilarious antics in front of the camera.

Most recently, Armando has brought his success to the internet to share with others. He is now offering a program filled with a home study course and ebooks that can teach just about anyone all the methods he uses to build a run a successful business. So far, things must be working too. There is an awful lot of buzz about this man all over the web.

He has met his share of heat from the fans for his sometimes forward attitude on the show, but most view this as someone who just doesn’t take well to being messed with. While there are some people that feel this doesn’t make for a good business owner, others feel it is the exact reason he became successful so quickly.

Source by Fredy Oliver

Mount Bonnell – Austin History, Legends and Views in One Spot

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It may seem a little crazy to go hiking in the hot Texas summer, but if you can stand the heat the summer months can be a perfect time to visit an iconic Austin spot without any crowds. Even though it is 780 feet above sea level, the climb up to the top of Mount Bonnell is not a serious hike, especially with the stone steps along the way.

Mount Bonnell, like so many favorite Austin spots, is full of history as well as legends. The peak is named in honor of George W. Bonnell, a Texas publisher and Commissioner on Indian Affairs under Sam Houston. The peak and surrounding park land off FM 2222, which is actually called Covert Park, was donated to the city in 1939, one hundred years after Bonnell arrived in Austin. That’s the history part; the legends and folklore are much more whimsical.

The legend goes that a young woman jumped off the peak to escape the Indians who had killed her finance, which is why Mount Bonnell is also known as “Antonette’s Leap.” Another legend has it that Golden Nell and her husband Beau leaped off the peak to avoid being captured and tortured.

Romance is often in the air at Mount Bonnell. It is said that if a couple climbs the long stairway to the top once they will fall in love, twice they will become engaged and if they make that climb a third time they will get married. Going at sunset or to see the stars above the city lights is a popular Austin date. It is a romantic spot that has seen many Austin couples get engaged.

A tourist attraction since the 1850s, Mount Bonnell has a pavilion at the top with picnic tables, making it a popular spot to pack a cooler and bring the camera for tourists and locals alike. The views of lakes, hills and cityscapes are amazing. The rugged Hill Country views to the west and the manicured lawns below the peak show the diversity of the Austin landscape at its best.

Hiking around the pavilion can allow visitors to take in different views, including the downtown skyline. For anyone wanting to show an out-of-towner just what Austin has to offer, this is the perfect spot.

If a someone is looking for a tougher hike, Enchanted Rock State Natural Area out towards Fredericksburg offers challenging hikes, along with a nice drive through the Hill Country. Shade is sparse on this granite dome, so hikers may want to wait until summer is over. McKinney Falls State Park is a little closer to Austin and offers climbs, as well as cool water for hikers more interested in nature than the view.

Source by Ki Gray

Dayton Ohio Economic Studying Digging for Reality

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Working in a market such as Dayton, OH requires business savvy and complete understanding of demographics. For instants the difference between Ohio on the whole and the Greater Dayton Area MSA, which includes such county areas as: Butler, Clark, Darke, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, Preble and Warren. The demographics of Montgomery and Miami are excellent for an expanding company to put in a service type outlet.

The population backdrop is somewhat similar to the entire state of OH. Ethnically speaking it is mostly white with Asian populations and Black Americans at about 10% to 11%. In Montgomery County it is 19% Black American and only 10% in Clark County, but the middle class Black Americans are moving in and fixing the diversity issues. There are quite a few people who commute to work in Marysville at the Honda Plant and Proving Grounds. Also a huge distribution center there with many large carriers located and Rail Service by CSX and also huge numbers of Auto Haulers. About 13,000 at Honda work there. One of the reasons that the Japanese wanted to have competing rail service with their plant in San Antonio as part of the negotiations. So they could squeeze the price point out of the rail companies similar to Rockefeller’s exploits. One thing that is unbelievably nice about the area is the many colleges and Universities in the area, 29 in all the biggest being University of Dayton with 10,000 enrolled, Wright University with 14,000 and Sinclair Community College with 22,000. This makes for a very good young and energetic group of people. The clientele is equally as inviting with 202,000 inhabitants between the ages of 25-34 not including the part-time college students. 35-44 representing nearly 250K pop and 45-54 at 215K.

The population South of Town is expanding and we see Scarsborogh to Centerville with great markets and everything in between is golden. The USAF also has Wright Patterson AFB with excellent inflow to the economy even though much of that is deployed presently, still it impacts the city in an extremely positive way. About 25,000 people work there and that is after the lay offs and discharges previously. They expect with BRAC that they will be on the receiving end of additional attachments and squadrons serving in Dayton as well as R and D since the colleges offer that level of researching. Also with the huge museum of flight and being the history of the inventing flight makes it good also for tourism and positive PR for the Military. Other large employers included Delphi but they have had significant labor lay offs and GM is a biggy there. In health Care about 9000 workers. Airborne Express and Emery Air freight also claim fame to the area. 7500 people work there and you may recall the merger with DHL? The good weather of the region provides Airborne a much better chance at this hub facility than in other parts of Michigan, IN, IL, NY, KY. The Seattle based company has brought many jobs to the region. Emery has laid off people but at one time employed over 3000 in the area. Emery has really worked hard to work with the Manufacturing industry and helped OH The just in time world of manufacturing has to take into account rush situations for total capacity scheduling, leading that charge was it’s bay area parent company and they manufacturing sector did rely on Emery for that;


Also of significant value is it’s ability to deploy new wave technologies at it’s hub and custom clearing houses. Much of this technology was in response to FedEx’s market advances and UPS shear size making it difficult to compete. The University of Dayton employs 4500 folks all fairly high wage earners like their blue collar UAW counter parts at the GM SUV and Delphi centers. Here is some recent news as of today’s watch: Dayton Recent News contains some Blues; For instance we all know the state of the Union when it relates to the steel industries.

At one time employing 4200 people. But Dayton is not primarily a steel town, it is a manufacturing town and the birth place of aviation. Today the market sectors which are up in the greater Dayton area include: Construction in residential, Retail is up, Real estate, Healthcare and services is big. Commercial construction is being primarily boosted with school projects recently. Square foot costs on the robust side of town south side is anywhere from $2.30 to $12.00 per square foot. Retail space is $2.30 to 3.00; Office is $7-12.00; Industrial runs the the entire spectrum. Office Parks include; Franklin, Heritage and South Tech Center all good for professional service businesses and small businesses. Industrial Parks are also plentiful with Emery Logistics Park 265 acres in all. Lebanon Commerce Center for 200 acres, Moraine Industrial Center and Park center Industrial. Although Manufacturing has declined drastically over the last decade the Industrial Parks have life. Downtown Office buildings include Kettering, Mead, First national, Reibold, 5/3 Bank and the Key Bank Buildings. Over 3 million square feet with a convention center right in the middle. There is significant space underutilized and unoccupied. Close by Cincinnati has done what academics think is unthinkable;


But Austin TX also had a recent issue and fired it’s area economic development recruitment group too.

We are seeing this in many areas were high-end $60-80K per year jobs have been lost. Although this maybe an unfair comparison you can use this lesson when you discuss new technological recruitment to derive jobs in cities of similar size. IN Dayton there are issues with vacant properties looking run down and hurting the prospecting and retaining of lessees in other buildings which is said to lead to the decay and they have proposed a fee to take care of this. Some apartments also in the area are a drag on their owners and the area.

All bad signs of urban flight and need of revitalization to bring people back to town from the out of town suburban box stores. It can be done. Look at Brick City in OKC, River Walks in Columbus GA, and San Antonio TX. Alexandria Boardwalk area and Torpedo Factory shops. Some of the surrounding suburbs scare us more as many of these areas need an uplifting too. In the other suburbs, which are newer they have grown the new style way with retail box stores and shopping centers. And with that office parks such as Wright Executive and Newmarks 5 office complex tech style parks in the area, which have done well and are about 88% occupied now. Unemployment is 6.1% and I see a another couple of ticks on that before things are through since the manufacturing sector is 18% while we know the US nationwide average is at 13%.

About 148,000 are employed in services in the Greater Area which we had to double check as that seemed high, but it is correct and Dayton has made a good transition and better than most cities its size over the past decade. Service sector could grow some more there as things return to a normal economy. A considerable amount of new jobs for the area are posted at and even with the adverse tax structure to businesses in OH things are doing better than their neighboring states.

One of the unfortunate situations has been truck manufacturing and in town were International Truck Manufacturing which has seen steady declines and lay offs. Also DuraMax laid off there. This effects Delphi too. Now realize OH is hostile to the trucking industry yet trucks, truck engines and truck parts are built there. A recent study showed that when cars and trucks have accidents 74% of the time it is the cars fault, 11% of the time the truck might have prevented it but it was the cars fault and 15% the truck made a bad judgment call, yet the OH highway Patrol pulls over 80% commercial and 20% personal cars? I guess it is about revenue not safety. And you know who makes the stats? The DOT and the same group, which is trying raise fines on truck tickets because they are larger fines. OH deserves the job losses for their actions, but really who does this hurt? Regular hard working good Americans. Truck sales are up this month for the first time about 1500 more trucks then last month, that is a good sign even if some of the reason is upgrades to comply with EPA harassment. Other lay offs include McCauley Propeller Factory, BWXT, Wright AFB, about 5000 in all. But high paying that is the kicker.

Dayton also has some newer cleaner type industries such as Victoria Secret Catalog Processing center and the famous Lexis-Nexis for Attorneys is located in Dayton and it has grown, boy has it grown. Lawyers are a growth industry, which has its own pros and cons.

Source by Lance Winslow