Cutting Trees for Firewood Safely and Effectively

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Cutting down trees for firewood is actually harder than most people realize. Each year quite a few people are actually killed trying to fall trees. Most of these people are killed because they do not know how to safely cut down a tree.

The first step in cutting down a tree is to determine where it will fall. Many of those who are hurt and injured by falling trees are hurt and injured because they did not know how to determine where it would fall.

The way to make sure the tree falls where you want it to cut a large wedge a few inches above the ground on the side facing the direct you want the tree to fall in. Making a large enough hole, should ensure that the tree falls over in the direction you want it.

It is possible to cut such a notch with a chainsaw. Once the notch is created, the person will cut a notch on the other side. When both notches are cut, a person should be able to push it over in the direction they want. In some cases the tree may fall over once the tree has been cut straight through.

Cutting Trees the Wrong Way
Many people can not fall in the right direction because they make the mistake of cutting straight through with a chainsaw. Although this technique makes little difference with smaller trees it can be down right dangerous when cutting larger trees.

It should be possible to safely fall most trees by using this technique. Another good tip to follow is to bring a pry bar along when you cut fire wood. In many cases a person will have to use a pry bar to force it down.

Something to watch out for is smaller trees and saplings that larger organizations fall upon. If the smaller trees, sitting under a fallen one are alive, they can spring up and hurt a person when the larger tree is moved. A person can prevent this from happening by cutting off the smaller trees before moving the log.

Source by Jason Lewiston