How to Get Free Courthouse Real Estate Leads

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Why would you pay someone to get your Free Courthouse Real Estate Leads if you can get them yourself?

If you are only looking for lender defaults in the past month, go to the County Clerk’s Office website. Here you can register to have access to all public property records online. Once you register and sign in, go to “Foreclosures” or “Notices of Default” or “Lis Pendes” and put the dates you are searching in the search box. It will pop up anywhere from 10 to 1000 pre-foreclosures (NOD’s).

From here, you can see the official NOD from the attorney’s filing for the lender. It should list the name of the person that defaulted, the date the original loan was made, the address of the property, the original lender and the lender now, also, the servicing agent. It will list on the NOD the date of auction (which you need to be at least 6 weeks if you don’t have a lot of practice with short sales).

I usually look at the origination date to see if the home might have any equity, and I look at the zip codes to make sure they are in an area I want to buy homes. Then I come up with a snappy letter or a postcard to contact the people that have defaulted and see if they will sell their homes.

Be prepared for a lot of drama and stress. After all, these people are losing their homes and don’t want to deal with reality at this point. They just want a solution to ALL their problems.

Source by Janine Perez