#1. 1914 Flint Oak, San Antonio, TX 78248


This is a three acre land that has been well prepared for people to use it as a commercial piece or a residential piece. All ownership documents are ready and there is a financing plan that you can choose to pay for the property. All amenities are well available and there is no problem at all. Grab it at $13,400 retail price.

#2. 23603 Calico Chase, San Antonio, TX 78260


This is one of the most thrilling three bedroom house that has been on sale for long. Many people want it but is expensive because of its quality and size. Located in one of the serene environments, it provides tranquility and solitude with maximum luxury oozing from its modern features. Its architectural design was made by professionals who have experience so its durability is like ten centuries unless tampered with natural disasters like earthquakes. Its actual price is $120,000

#3. 11739 Wayward Daisy, San Antonio, TX 78245


If you are looking for a dream villa, where you live as if you are in paradise, this is the best place to be. It is a villa that has all the best features in it because it is fully furnished completely. To ensure that there is no security threats or weaknesses, it has electric fence surrounding it. It is selling at a price of $30,000

#4. 4543 Wrangler Vw, San Antonio, TX 78223


This is the best place to be at all times. It has specious rooms and well-furnished spaces to ensure that it offer luxury to buyers. All amenities area available to give you the best living ever. It goes for $145,000