Visitors to Houston Texas

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Houston sees thousands of tourists every year, and they come for business or pleasure. Families come for their vacations, and there are many things to see and do here. There are professional sports teams, of all types, and plenty of activities. Some of these cost to get in but are fairly reasonable, and are well worth any fee. One of the things to see as a family are the many museums that are geared towards children, like the Children’s Museum of Houston, located in the museum district. This is similar to many other museums of it’s type around the country, offering parents and their kids hands one learning exhibits, interactive offerings, and a great place to spend quality time together. It is open year round, and while time vary, prices are very reasonable, and it only costs $7 to get in.

Another must see attraction in Houston has to be the Space Center. And while visitors aren’t permitted to see some of the more intricate workings at the operations center, a regular tram will take them to many of the other parts of the working facility, as well as all of the other exhibits open to the public.

You can see real shuttle bay payloads, check out a Saturn rocket, and even learn about the history of our journey into space, and what are our hopes for future explorations. There is also a totally interactive children’s area, where you can touch moon rocks and see a real full size model of the space shuttle. These are just some of the many attractions Houston has to offer.

Source by David Dutton